100% Success Guarantee Make Your Time Right by Kam JGup Audiobook | Book Summary in Hindi

6 Unbelievable & Most Effective Success Secrets. Make Your Time Right gives a core and detailed insight about Time management, Routine, Focus, Priority & Financial Independence. Each topic is covered in a very articulate manner to understand the critical, relevant life-changing factors. Life principles against each subject are immensely engaging and will set one on the path of growth and affluence. 100% Success Guarantee if you watch the complete video of Make Your Time Right by Kam J Gup. Its an Audiobook & Book Summary in Hindi.

Get life-changing answers to questions that one has always wondered about.
– How to Build a Rock-Solid Routine?
– How to get an undeterred Focus in this distracting world?
– How to win over habits?
– How to stop blaming Time?
– How to know what the priority is?
– How to be free from thinking of income all the Time?

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00:00 Book Introduction
01:37 1. Focus
04:24 2. Routine
10:10 3. Habits
13:32 4. Time Management
16:09 5. Priority
18:18 6. Income
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