528 Hz – MANIFEST EXTREME PHYSICAL BEAUTY – Meditation Music (With Subliminal Affirmations)

528Hz reflection music to draw in severe physical charm as well as end up being incredibly good-looking, with subliminal audio messages.
You can listen to it with or without earphones for as long as you wish to.
This appropriates for both females as well as males.

Affirmations in the video clip:

I like myself,
I accept myself,
I appreciate myself,
I like myself,
I am bring in extreme elegance,
I appear extreme beauty,
I am incredibly attractive,
I am obtaining extra attractive every day,
I like seeing my reflection,
I like my representation in every mirror,
I am comfortable with my appearance,
My appearance makes me feel good,
I am extremely attractive,
I more than happy with the way I look,
I am happy for my appearance,
I am satisfied and happy with every part of me,
I am thankful for every little thing that I have,
I am sensational,
I am exceptionally eye-catching,
I deserve my beauty,
I love considering myself in images,
I am photogenic,
I love looking at myself on video,
I am videogenic,
I am confident,
I constantly look my finest.

You love on your own,
You approve yourself,
You value yourself,
You like yourself,
You are bring in severe appeal,
You appear extreme beauty,
You are incredibly good-looking,
You are getting more attractive everyday,
You love seeing your reflection,
You like your representation in every mirror,
You are comfy with your appearance,
Your appearance makes you really feel good,
You are incredibly appealing,
You are pleased with the way you look,
You are happy for your appearance,
You are completely satisfied and happy with every component of you,
You are happy for every little thing that you have,
You are stunning,
You are unbelievably eye-catching,
You deserve your appeal,
You like checking out yourself in photos,
You are photogenic,
You like checking out on your own on video,
You are videogenic,
You are confident,
You always look your best.

Unicorn Heads – Dreaming in 432 Hz

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