528 Hz The Love Frequency ✧ Heal The Past & Manifest Abundance, Love and Harmony

Welcome, Beloved Soul. We happily present this 528 Hz love frequency songs to help our audiences in showing up wealth, love, serenity, and also harmony into their lives. This wonder tone will certainly remove old concern and adverse blockages. While paying attention, keep in mind that love comes in several types. Envision, pray, or practice meditation on what sort of love you wish to draw in into your life. Have belief that everything will certainly involve you in best divine timing.
This material was produced for meditation, symptom, petition, rest, or any type of healing routines.

Allow love, visibility, as well as belief to spread its origins in your heart. Completely believe that you are deserving of love.

In your own way open up to a spiritual connection, practice meditation with God, Return To Oneness, and also reveal wonders into your life with purpose and also belief. Radiate your light, be love. You are enjoyed permanently.


The Solfeggio frequencies comprise an old 6-tone sound range that is claimed to date back to scriptural times and also carry divine-like buildings. In recent times, each frequency has actually been located to carry a specific collection of healing, wellness and spiritual benefits that it pays for the listener.

These include DNA fixing, remedy for previous traumas as well as opening up the soul to spiritual experiences.

We tune every one of our songs in the wonder tone, 528 Hz.

528 Hz (Mi)– Transforming Miracles (DNA Repair).

528 HZ, likewise referred to as the wonder tone, is the regularity that is thought to assist return human DNA to its initial state, getting rid of contaminations.
By fixing your DNA, you’re not only improving your life energy, yet your attitude boosts. You can anticipate to achieve better psychological clarity, an enhanced sense of recognition, as well as deep inner tranquility.

Connected to the chakra of the solar plexus, opening this chakra permits you to feel positive in yourself, greater self-worth and love, and also be in control of your life.

Discover extra about the recovery Solfeggio frequencies.

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We at Self- Healing Collective have a deep enthusiasm for music, spirituality, prayer, mindfulness, nature, healing, and also creativity. We wish to motivate and create a secure and also relaxed area below on Youtube for self- recovery, spiritual development, prayer, meditation, as well as divine connection through our music and visual content.

What we yearn for you:.
Inner tranquility, recovery, favorable development, objective, understanding, as well as connections.

What we believe in:.
The love of God, Power of the mind, spirituality, development, oneness, reflection, wisdom.

What we stand for:.
Empowerment via self-healing as well as that all of us have great power within.

What we sustain:.
Whatever that promotes wellness, personal, physical, as well as spiritual growth.

What we respect:.
The advancement of our people and also the direction we are going jointly as a types. We want to help the planet in increasing the cumulative vibration. We respect as well as love the earth that is our home.

We support you on your path of self-discovery and development.

Our spirit welcomes yours.

Unlimited love to all,.

Alexander, Christine & Hanne.

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