Full Moon Frequency Meditation Music 210,42hz | Lunar healing manifestation

Moon Frequency for Manifestation – made up in Moon Frequency of 201,42 Hz. Release and also reveal with this moon frequency meditation 1 hr long. Heal Mind and also body as well as Soul with this moon meditation frequency music with binaural beats. The inspiration to provide this video was to provide you a cost-free possibility to tune in with the lunar recovery frequency. Ying and also Yang chankra reflection for your introspective mind.
Take in this 210.42 Hz regularity bathroom as well as be relieved with the silver power of the moon. Appreciate this isochronic journey based on the moon regularity of 210.42 hz. Can you feel the lunar regularity vibrate via your body? recover your feeling quick with this powerful moon reflection regularity. Get rid of all negative energy and also activate the portal to allow in the moon power with your chakras.

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music made up by Narayanjot
all legal rights scheduled by Narayanjot Records

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