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► In this speech, Sadhguru describes to us if the make-up of Akash is enhanced, then boundlessness ends up being the nature of one’s being. This provides the person a great sense of flexibility.
The Etymology of words “Akash” suggests “open area, skies” in Sanskrit. It is a term for either space or aether in conventional Indian cosmology. According to old western science, aether or ether, and called quintessence (5th component), is the product that fills up the world’s region above the earthbound ball.

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – The fifth component – Akash
03:45 – Increasing the degree of Akash
08:06 – How yogis can access this fifth aspect
11:47 – How this can provide the individual a wonderful sense of flexibility

Getting a Download From The Universe|Sadhguru
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► This audio session combines mind-blowing speeches with binaural beats technology. Created to influence, encourage, as well as aid individuals to reprogram their minds.

Benefits of this session: 10 Hz (Alpha Waves).
► Faster Learning;.
► Enhanced release of serotonin and also mood elevator;.
► Associated with Solar Plexus Manipura chakra;.
► Increased sense of well being;.
► Significant enhancements in memory, spelling & reading.

Works better when Listening in the Morning.
► Please use headphones and Listen Carefully.
For maximum result, we suggest repeating it for at the very least 21 days in a row.

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Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, poet, and also visionary altruistic, is a spiritual master with a distinction. His life and also job are an opportunity for each and every person to experience the peace and also joy that infuses the core of every person. Sadhguru’s vision is that everybody gets ‘one-drop of spirituality,’ allowing them to transform their lives and also take their destiny right into their hands.

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