Millionaires use this Manifestation Technique and don’t even know it

Millionaires use this EXACT Manifestation Technique and don’t even know it. If you’d like to Manifest while you sleep Click Here:

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Billionaires use this technique and don’t even know. I’m going to show you how you can use this too so that you start to create more abundance than ever before. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness.

Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you this manifestation technique that’s going to sound a little bit esoteric. However, I believe that billionaires and millionaires have been using it without even understanding it at all, maybe even at all. And maybe even if they heard this, they would think that it sounds ridiculous.

However, what I want to show you is this, uh, this perspective that I had been applying to my own life right now. It’s a, I’m using that same technique and I had been getting better results than ever, and it has to do with understanding how reality works and the consistency of the kind of people that do certain things repetitively in the kind of impact that has.

Now let me share with you a little story. I met somebody at, um, when I used to work at Barney’s New York in woman’s shoes. And that store, you help people, uh, with, uh, you know, shoes that are $1,200, you know, they’re very wealthy people normally come in to buy shoes. So I was very used to being around a very wealthy people. One time though, this guy came in, he’s known as a big Mike.

He is somebody that is in actually the marijuana industry. And I used to see him on Instagram and he’s like kind of like the Danville’s area of uh, of weed. And uh, the only reason I know about who he was is cause he worked with a company called, uh, RSD. And I used to see him in their posts and stuff because some of the members lived at his house and he had like this really baller mansion house.

So they used to make videos at his house all the time. So the only reason I knew about him and uh, he seemed like a real cool guy. I knew that he had some type of company that provides to you that provided some type of fertilizer. And I lived in LA or lives in LA and I lived in Las Vegas. That’s where I worked in women’s shoes.

One day he came in and I saw him and I recognized him from my, it’s actually funny cause that company, uh, I’m friends with them now, so it’s like, uh, my buddy Owen, I was like, Oh, I know you from, um, you know, I didn’t see it just like that, but I was like, Oh, I recognize you from Owen’s videos. And he’s like, Oh cool. So we sat down and talked for over an hour and uh, his, uh, girlfriend at the time, I don’t know if they’re still together, we went shopping.

So I’m talking to him and he’s worth, I dunno, he’s, he’s very successful though. He is worth, I think, over a hundred million dollars. Very successful guy. And through talking to him, um, one of the things he was talking about different books, we talked about success. One of the things he said is he said he knew of all the billionaires he knew, not one of them got up past seven in the morning.

He said in most of them get up around five, four or five o’clock in the morning. And I found that very interesting. So getting up that early and um, and knowing that a consistent amount of them get up that early, it made me think, what is the pattern there? Why would they get up that early? So after that, after that, it just kind of planted a seed where I knew that getting up early in the morning had some type of power, some type of magic to it.

So now what you can do is fast forward, now that I’d been learning about the esoteric side of how reality works and something I’ve been very aware of lately is what is called the collective consciousness. So every single city and the whole world in general has a collective consciousness, which are, this is the esoteric side of the video. So as a collective consciousness where our thoughts are an energetic form and they go outside of our energetic fields, now what happens is throughout the day, let me show you right now as well, throughout the day, as you look out right now, this is early in the morning. This is like six o’clock in the morning…

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