Removing Negative Energies With These Tips | Sadhguru

In this speech, Sadhguru answers concerns on removing adverse powers. He explains the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha, cleanses the aura, and Neem’s advantages.

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – What is a Rudraksha?
01:47 – The advantages of using a Rudraksha
03:15 – Rudraksha is a practical device to purify your life
04:46 – Creating a power protection field around you
05:19 – A defense against adverse scenarios
06:12 – Aura Cleansing
08:34 – A Shower to clean your aura
09:35 – Wind bath to cleanse your mood
11:30 – The Benefits of Neem

Getting Rid Of Negative Energies With These Tips|Sadhguru
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