UNBLOCK ALL 7 CHAKRAS Deep Sleep Meditation Aura Cleansing Calm The Mind, Meditate, Sleep Music

UNBLOCK ALL 7 CHAKRAS Deep Rest Meditation Aura Cleansing Tranquility The Mind, Meditate, Sleep Music

Track information:
Title: Healing Frequency 432 Hz
Composer: Nick

Message from the author as well as maker of Dream Relax Música:

” I am Nick and also I make stunning songs for relaxing, sleep, meditation, research study, yoga as well as songs for deep sleep, go to sleep, meditation.

Hope my work will assists you unwind as well as feel inspired.

Thank you for your understanding as well as assistance ”

– Nick, author for Dream Musicoterapia

© Copyright:
Songs made up by Nick.
Footage/photos accredited from:
– Animation by Nick

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